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What is the Amazon Fire Stick? Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice||

What is the Amazon Fire Stick? Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice||

Jeffery Preston Bezos, who is the President/Founder, CEO, and Chairman of, Incorporation(Inc.). He is an investor and American Technology entrepreneur.

Amazon started it’s journey in India in June 2013, with its own products ( Kindle, Echo which is Amazon’s own speaker). Now, it is the biggest firm (Inc.) not only in India but on the whole Globe. Amazon started by selling its own products but now it allows other dealers to sell their own products. There are many trendy products of Amazon that are available but one of the most trendy/popular products is Amazon fire TV stick/fire TV. It is the multi-national tech. company based in Seattle, Washington.

I think this much History of Amazon Inc. is enough before, getting started with Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What you really need to know about Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Amazon Inc. is taking its lead in various fields, it is covering the majority of fields i.e from Kindle to AI(Artificial Intelligence). Amazon proved itself to be the best TV streaming device in the market by launching its Amazon Fire TV Stick in India(2017).

It comes packed with many features, one of them is Alexa Voice Search, which works tremendously great (No Doubt). This cannot be denied because of the positive reveiws of the existing users of Amazon Fire TV Stick/Fire TV. Now in India, the two leading Telecom companies that are Reliance(Jio Services) and Airtel Telecom, owned by Mr. Ambani and Mr.Bharti Mittal, also have launced their products which is similar in quality, features/Specifications. 

                                It comes with easy to use manual. It not different from USB drive which is used to connect basically, laptops and high definitionTelevision(TV).

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