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Reliance Jio GigaFiber – Awesome features, launched @700 /Month

Reliance Jio GigaFiber – Awesome features, launched @700 /Month

Reliance made it’s way by introducing Jio in market, as one of the most affordable 4G VoLTE plan. Other operators like Airtel telecom is also competing with Jio. 

Where, Mr.Ambani in 42nd AGM of Reliance Industries unleashed his triple play of carriage, commerce and content. He unveiled the Jio GigaFiber popularly known as JioFiber. ( FTTH:- Fiber-to-the-Home.) Now, the questions is ‘WHAT IS JioFiber?’

What is Jiofiber or GigaFiber?

It is the superior internet platform (broadband) where user get’s more exposure to the Digital life. It is also considered that JioFiber is the technology of future. Using JioFiber user will experience the ultimate surfing, gaming and streaming opportunities. JioFiber beats the rest because of high speed downloading and uploading of high resolution files/effective fuctioning in merely ‘Milliseconds’. Here, in case of other broadband operators, the fiber reaches only till building but in case of JioFiber it is not so, it reaches directly to your premise. Now, image a high speed broadband connection right in to your living area. This JioFiber technology is based on fiber Optics, this word fiber Optic contains a lot within it.

Why choose JioFibre?

JioFibre as the name concludes fibre, is based on fiber Optic technology, already mentioned above. 

  1. It provides faster internet connection over others.
  2. As other broadband companies on upgrading the network changes the cables, JioFiber network need not to be changed post installation as the company Upgrades them with latest technology.

What is the Wifi-Coverage/JioFiber provided by Jio Home Gateway?

It comfortably covers an open arewa of approx. 1,000 Sq. ft. It range can be affected by external factors which is beyond control.

  1. Interference of other Wi-Fi access points in the surrounding area.
  2. User distance from it.
  3. Number of walls between the user and the Jio Home Gateway.
  4. Placement of the Jio Home Gateway in the house.

What feature comes packed with JioFiber?

  • Free International call+Domestic voice calling+Conference calling.
  • TV Video calling+Conferencing.
  • Ultra HIGH-Speed broadband (1 Gbps on selected plans.)
  • Virtual Reality i.e VR Experience.
  • Device Security.
  • Home Networking.
  • Last but not least, GAMING. #BEST GAMING LAPTOPS

Mr.Ambani was targeting for about 3.5 crore subscribers and has already got over 1.9 crore registrations until now across 1,600 cities. Over the last two, from the launch of Jio VoLte 4G internet service in INDIA, RIL AGMs have been a platform to showcase new and upcoming ideas to increase digitalization in India. Now, it is JioFibre’s Turn. Jio IoT platform will be commercially available from January 1st, 2020. He announced that JioFibre will empower millions of small businesses with ultimate high-speed data services. Special mobility services will also be provided to JioFiber users to deliver a platinum grade service and product experience.

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  1. This comment was really helpful for me… Can u plse give a between airtel Xstream and JioFiber. I hope u to reply me soon.

    1. Greetings Fahad, we are happy that you responded to our post. We are happy to reply to you. We’ll be posting our next blog soon…..Your confusion will be cleared from our next post.

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