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Gaming Laptops – Planning to BUY a new Gaming Laptop||HP OMEN

Gaming Laptops – Planning to BUY a new Gaming Laptop||HP OMEN

When it comes to buying a laptop……then people start thinking, how to buy/what type/What specification should it have etc etc….So, Don’t worry…take a deep breath because we are here to help clear your doubts.

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying a gaming laptop.


These latops have been launched with some of the best and high in class tools and features/Compatible Accessories for gamers. Tools that thes gaming Beasts are packed… Let’s start, what you need to know before buying a gaming laptop.

Every age has its storytelling form, and video gaming is a huge part of our culture. You can ignore or embrace video games and imbue them with the best artistic quality. People are enthralled with video games in the same way as other people love the cinema or theatre. Andy Serkis

Choosing the ideal gaming laptop is a difficult task, but here you will get to know, which type of gaming laptop will suit in terms of your Budget and your GAME preferences. Every laptop has its own specifications and differs in terms of graphics, keyboard type, RAM, Processing Power/Speed, Screen Resolution and lot more.

People generally ask us,

As a title does gaming laptop even exist? I mean has anyone actually using for years a gaming laptop with good results. (Ι know that the overall experience would probably be lesser of-course)// But when go to buy a GAMING LAPTOP, you are not not just buying a simple laptop, When the term ‘GAMING’ is added before the term ‘LAPTOP’, then you not looking just for a laptop, YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A WHOLE COMPUTER, INCLUDING BUILT IN KEYBOARD. HOWEVER, YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR LAPTOP, YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A BEAST!!!

While buying Gaming Laptop, Think to consider.


                                 Today the major issue is battery life, beacuse battery usage of High end gaming laptops is more as compared to simple laptops that are just for beginners. The Actual reason behind such power/Battery drainage is very simple: Gaming laptop have dedicated Graphics card and Quad-Core CPUs which is very power hungry, thats why battery backup can’t help you play games all day without any Electric switch near you. 

But there are some exception, LAPTOPS that gives best battery life for high-gaming.

This is the reason why many professional GAMERS prefer desktops over laptops, but sometimes desktops are not there when, lets say, you are enjoying a holiday and you want to sit back in hotel room playing game. This is the fact. So, portability is also the major issue. Gaming Laptops are portabitible and hence allows the gamers to play. 

So, Gaming Laptops have the power to play, with the size that is carriable/PORTABILE.
  • Dedicated GPU***+CPU**

                                     One of the most important factor. Both GPU and CPU are different terms and they both play great role in gaming laptops. While their are some games that are GPU-BOUND NOT CPU; that is why GPU has more importance over CPUs, when it comes to GAMING.  Some games are more CPU intensive, some are more GPU intensive. 8 gigs of ram will usually be plenty.  You can have the CPU working on the next frame while the GPU is still working on the current frame (one form of buffering). Unless you’re doing VR, then it’s all in one shot.

  • Should be UPGRADEABLE

                                       Not many laptops allows upgrading RAM and Storage. RAM and Storage also play a very big role:READ MORE…

As an Intermediate Gamer: I know what more is needed in gaming laptops. Each day a new game is launched and some are really good and some just playable……New game might need more ram or storage. Many of the people don’t consider RAM & STORAGE before buying a GAMING LAPTOP. But, I would recommend you not to make this mistake because GAMING LAPTOP are expensive and day by day their are new revolutionary game in stores that are really best…….and these best games might ask you to upgrade your RAM & STORAGE. You cannot buy such expensive laptops again and again for just a single game, but I know some freaks that do so….


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