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AI - Artificial Intelligence. Today his(men) own creation is becoming smarter/intelligent than he is now. In this field, it is no more common to see miracle now. There is always a fear of cyber attacks. Hardly a day passes without any security breach or cyber-attacks.

Tesla Cyber Truck – Bagged 2,00,000 Pre-orders

Elon Musk - the name in the Space Tech arena, who has already surprised the world with several jaw dropping inventions and projects in the field of Space Research. He is the founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Inc. Ranked by The Forbes, at 21st  in World's Most Powerful People List, and 40th…

Xiaomi to launch world’s 1st 108MP Camera Smartphone || CC9 Pro

Xiaomi, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer has announced the launch of its new Smartphones with mouthwatering 108 MP Camera. Xiaomi after having taken a huge market share in smartphones through its budget phones, with features which one can find only in high end mobiles. Its new marketing strategy to appease the customers based on high…

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