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What is AI?

AI – Artificial Intelligence. In general terms, AI refers to computational tools that are able to substitute for human intelligence in the performance of certain tasks. This technology is advancing at a fast pace and is now considered to be the future of technology. Man always feared the rise of the machine, obviously Terminator franchise. Today his(men) own creation is becoming smarter/intelligent than he is now. In this field, it is no more common to see miracle now.

Creating New Jobs

“Artificial intelligence will change the workforce,” says Carolyn Frantz, Microsoft’s Corporate Secretary. Now, as we know little of AI – it is the job killer. 75-million jobs may disappear, this is the only side of the coin that we saw but, as many as 133 million more engaging, less repetitive new roles are expected to be created. AI “is an opportunity for workers to focus on the parts of their jobs that may also be the most satisfying to them,” says Frantz.  (content from) .

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The Cyber Security Breach!!!

There is always a fear of cyber attacks. Hardly a day passes without any security breach or cyber-attacks. No one could deny this fact that ‘Nothing comes perfect’.

Furthermore, with the ever-growing pervasiveness of computers, mobile devices, servers, and smart devices, the aggregate threat exposure grows each day. For instance, researchers have trained computer models to identify an individual’s personality traits more accurately than their friends based exclusively on what Facebook posts they had liked. #linking .

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